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Why Men Break Down

Feel like you're slowing down?

Don't have the energy or drive you once had?

Struggling to get back in shape?

Once you reach your 40s, everything changes.

But it’s not your fault — after decades of grueling work, commuting, raising kids, and stress from all directions, your body takes a beating.

Meanwhile, your body declined, leaving you feeling like a shell of the man you once were. (That’s why every guy over 40 says: “It’s harder to get in shape than it used to be.”)

And when you start looking for solutions — something to give you a boost — you’ll quickly discover almost everything has one or more of these massive flaws.

3 Critical Problems With Men's Formulas
You Can't Ignore

No Scientific Research

Before you put something in your body, you need to know it’s safe and effective. But far too many supplements rely on untested ingredients, lacking expert, randomized, and placebo-controlled clinical research. And without this, how can you trust its effectiveness? You can’t.

Guesswork Dosages

“Too little” would have no benefit (except to those manufacturers who save money by offering weaker products) while “too much” could be just as bad. Since most supplements have no research to support their ingredient list, their dosages are just guesswork. That’s why many T-boosters hide their labels and withhold their actual amounts. (More on that below.)

Packed With Unsafe Stimulants and Fillers

Many other supplements fill their servings with stimulants like coffee, tea, etc. to load you with jittery energy. But this makes things worse: Stimulants often have a crash and can affect your sleep. Worse, some of these supplements even sneak in banned substances, fillers, and artificial colors.

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So… What Would The “Perfect” Men’s Formula Look Like?

At Fortify Supplements, we’re committed to taking male performance to new dimensions.

So when it came to designing Fortify Test Booster, our vision was clear: Create a bolder, higher-performing supplement for dramatically better results.

We meticulously upgraded key components of our flagship formula by merging the very latest technology and cutting-edge scientific developments.

  • - More ingredients backed by rigorous, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies conducted by medical experts.
  • - Dosages confirmed by scientific evidence — that way, you know what you’re getting and why you’re getting it (and not because of guesswork or budgets).
  • - More energy all day — without stimulants — by using ingredients scientifically optimized to transform your body’s production of ATP (your body’s cellular fuel).
  • - Even more essential vitamins and several of the best extracts available in men’s health for an unparalleled formula.

- We just wanted to create a high-performance supplement for remarkable and uncompromising Fortify results — the kind of results which made us a worldwide leader.

And we achieved just that.

Fortify Test Booster Advanced Formulation

One of The Most-Advanced Supplements On The Market

Welcome to a league of your own. This is the unprecedented science-backed formula to safely help you increase muscle mass and skyrocket your performance — no matter what your age.

  • Reinvigorate your daily life with high-level passion, energy, and drive
  • Restore your youthfulness and stop feeling like life slows down “after 40”
  • Enhance your muscle-building potential and get the most out of your fitness
  • Elevate your body for remarkable, comprehensive results
  • Enjoy the trust of outstanding attention-to-detail and rigorous quality


This is the next-level formula for hardworking, ambitious men who want to feel their best — and feel like the best is yet to come.

Fortify Test Booster is a testament to our commitment to progress: Bigger, better, and more advanced components have transformed your experience and results.

Be among the many to experience a new world of benefits.

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Tested Ingredients With Proven Effective Dosages

Tribulus Terrestris

Plant found to help increase natural testosterone while increasing libido.

Horny Goat Weed

Natural Herb that is found to help libido, while providing stamina and energy.


Improve mental function, libido, and anxiety.  


Long Jack Tongkat Ali 100:1

Extract - herb to have anti-estrogen effects.

Fenugreek Seed Extract

Natural Herb to increase testosterone and strength, while decreasing bodyfat levels.


Plant pigment used to help endurance and reduce inflammation.

Get 3 Fortify Test Boosters for $49.99 today only!


+ The #1 Supplement to help increase your performance in the gym, on the field, or in the bedroom, is finally here. Fortify's Advanced Formula Test Booster was developed to naturally increase Testosterone levels to help elevate your game.

+ Promotes a healthy libido and confidence gains. Increases Natural Testosterone for general well being and health benefits.

+ Promotes increases in muscle mass and strength while enhancing stamina and endurance.


+ Fortify's Advanced Formula Test Booster lists all of the ingredients and how much of each clinically dosed ingredient is included.

+ Comprised of only the best and proven ingredients tested in clinical trials.

+ No Proprietary Blends

+ The most effective ingredients at dosages that were proven in actual studies in the labs.

+ Transparent labeling showing the exact milligrams of each ingredient in each serving.

Men Over 40: Restore Your Body and Transform Your Lifestyle

Fortify Test Booster is scientifically optimized to revitalize a wide range of male performance, combat the natural male decline, and transform what “getting older” means — and feels like.

Packed with 6 high-performance key ingredients — this is more than “just a supplement.”

Fortify Test Booster redefines men’s formulas and transforms typical results.

Revolutionize your results in the gym

The advanced formulation of Fortify Test Booster electrifies your performance and endurance in the gym and helps you build more lean muscle. Get the most out of your training, carve a head-turning body, and enjoy the seemingly endless health benefits.

Recharge your energy levels

Wake up ready to conquer the day again. Fortify Test Booster boasts a key ingredient backed by 5 clinical studies to increase your energy production. Feel more alive and energized from the office to the gym — with no stimulants and no crash.

Reclaim your youthfulness

Want more passion, motivation, and excitement? Our explosive blend of clinically studied key ingredients delivers more drive so you can feel like you’ve turned back the clock on your body and regain the bounce in your step again.

Here’s what real men, like you, have to say about Fortify Test Booster:

"I’m a 74 year old, Hall of Fame, competitive power lifter, nationally known, and had noticed my training lifts decreasing, losing some of my stamina through the day, and most of all my libido was declining. I had tried and used over the counter testosterone booster’s before with little to no luck on their claims. I was searching Amazon and found Fortify testosterone booster, and read about it. I liked what it had to say, so I bought a bottle. I followed the dosage per instructions, and after using the product for 2 weeks, I’ve noticed that I’m more sexually active, my training protocol has definitely improved, but most of all, my everyday life has more energy.


I intend to buy more of this product from Fortify to prove to myself that what I’m feeling is very real. I would recommend this product to any male, especially for anyone over the age of 50."

"The main one I used to get isn't available anymore so I tried this one, despite it not having reviews when I ordered. I'm super glad I did because this works a lot better than the old one I was using. It's been 2 days and I'm noticing a BIG difference in my libido. What I wasn't expecting was my lifting numbers have actually gone up too...that never happened with my old test booster."

"I had been taking Test Booster for two months and within the last two weeks have cycled off. This is an excellent supplement for strength training. I noticed shortened recovery times while using, which allowed me to train heavy every day without sacrificing my workouts. I also REALLY enjoyed the extra endurance I had. I was able to eek out an additional 15-20 min of hard lifting in my workouts. This alone was worth adding it to my supplement regimen."

Get 3 Fortify Test Boosters for $49.99 today only!