About Us

Fortify is committed to provide the very best advanced formulas to individuals who need a proven supplement with no prop blends. Our formulations only contain proven ingredients in effective dosages, tested in clinical studies, and in non proprietary form. We are delivering tried and true products that actually work. What does Proprietary mean? It's displaying all the ingredients in it, but without telling you how much of each ingredient is in the product. We don’t believe in Proprietary Blends because it's misleading. We break down each ingredient with the exact dose of that ingredient in each serving we provide. It's important you know what is going into your product, and how much of it you are getting.

Fortify delivers maximum output and results. We provide FULL TRANSPARENCY by listing the amount of each ingredient per serving. In our industry we often see the wrong ingredients used, or the right ones used, but without the proper amount in it to give the full impact the ingredient can have. Instead of allowing the full 100mg of a particular ingredient, other companies will only put 5-10mg. At Fortify, we do not hide behind Proprietary labels. Full Transparency is what we want to show you.

We also only use ingredients which have been clinically proven to work. There isn't just one or two ingredients in our products. We list several proven ingredients, with the correct amount of each product to produce results Purchase with confidence that you are getting an all in one product with us.  

Our facility is FDA complaint and adheres to the standards that the FDA sets forth.  What this means is that potency, purity, and safety is paramount in our efforts in delivering a product that works, but also is safe to use.  We also believe in making everything in the USA, not importing products or ingredients offshore without getting tested for purity and safety. At Fortify, we take your performance and safety seriously, so we have ensured that proper measures have taken place to ensure high expectations are met.