Why does Rain Cause Joint Pain?

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Why does Rain Cause Joint Pain?

You’ve been hearing it for years. When it rains, it pours, and my joints hurt like hell.

But is there any real claim?

Well we can say with certainty that the rain DOES cause joint pain and there is a reason why...

Barometric or atmospheric pressure can influence how your joints feel. This is temperature, humidity, and precipitation can all affect how your joints feel throughout the day.

When there is a storm coming, the atmospheric pressure drops. As your body detects this, it causes your soft tissues to be inflamed and your joint fluid expands. The constant contraction and expansion that takes place in and around your joints can irritate your nerves and cause the pain you are feeling.

Pain can also occur from old or nagging injuries where the exposed nerves have to respond to the pressure from contraction to expansion.

This is why when it's cold, you also feel stiff because it causes the fluid in the joints to thicken and feel “stiff.”

So how do you reduce weather-induced joint pain?

Well you can move to a tropical climate altogether OR, try these ideas below for an instant remedy:

  1. Keep yourself warm: pretty obvious answer here. Dress in layers, wear extra socks, gloves, or leggings.
  2. Stay active: Use non impact activities like yoga, pilates, and swimming to get your joints moving without jarring them repeatedly.
  3. Warm up efficiently: that means dynamic stretches where you stretch while moving, proper warm up to get blood flowing in and around your body.
  4. Stay hydrated: When you're dehydrated, you are more sensitive to pain.

We hope these remedies work moving into the cold rainy season.