The BIGGEST Killer....Heart Failure, and how to avoid it.

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The BIGGEST Killer....Heart Failure, and how to avoid it.

Simple but crucial steps in making sure you don't succumb early to the #1 killer amongst humans in our country... heart disease.

Here are some steps you can take to circumvent it:


1. Skipping Preventative Care

Men tend to go to the doctor less often than women for annual checkups. That means they're less apt to get important routine tests for cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar which are key to gauging hearth health. If you can't remember your last physical exam, try to get one as soon as possible. And take action.


2. Thinking Erection Problems Are All In Your Head

Trouble getting or maintaining an erection often has more do do with your heart then your mental state. Impotence is mainly caused by a problem with blood flow to the penis. Damaged blood vessels are an early sign of damage to blood vessels of the heart. Don’t be embarrassed to see a doctor about a possible physical cause of erectile dysfunction. Your evaluation should include an assessment of your overall heart health.


3. Thinking You’re Too Young For A Heart Attack

Overall, men develop coronary artery disease 10 years before woman do. That means they tend to have heart attacks in their 60’s - for women, its the 70’s. Whatever your age, start doing what you can to manage your risk factors, like following a heart healthy diet, getting exercise, practicing weight control and not smoking, as well as working with your health care provider on controlling high blood pressure or cholesterol.


4. Self Medicating

Woman do this, too, of course - drown miseries in a bottle, or chain smoke, work excessively long hours or turn to nachos and potato chips by the bagful while watching TV. If you’re feeling sad or hopeless, or experiencing changed in the way you eat or sleep- too much or too little- tell your doctor and ask for advice.