How to Maintain Your Mental Health During the Holiday Season

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How to Maintain Your Mental Health During the Holiday Season

It's that time of the year again, and the hustle and bustle of life during the holidays can be quite consuming.

Did you know that this is the period where most of us suffer from acute mental illness?

Work, Shopping, Gifts, Money, Kids, Family, etc all play a role in creating a hectic life for a lot of us to cope with.

Are there easier ways to handle these situations?

Yes there is, and it can save your health as well.

Here are some tips during the holidays to keep your mental health in check:

1. Recognize what your triggers are.
This will allow you to either avoid those triggers altogether, or help you cope with them when you encounter them. The first step is to identify what those triggers are.

2. Write a Gratitude List.
Yep, this really does work for those who are stressed or depressed. List all the things you are grateful for.....your health, your family, your friends, your pets, being able to have running water, heat and a/c, being able to wake up every morning, being able to walk, talk, see or hear. You would be surprised at what we take for granted.

3. Manage your time.
This is where a to-do list will come in handy. If you're not doing this already, you definitely should. To-do lists are money.

4. Don't take on more then you can handle.
Learn to say no to things you know you simply can't take on. This will only increase your stress by 2 fold.

5. Be realistic.
Sometimes you won't find the perfect gift you wanted to get, or you can't attend the event you've been meaning to get to. Its ok, set realistic expectations you can meet. If you're tired on Friday nights, pass on drinks after work. Know your limitations.