How to Boost Your Immune System

How to Boost Your Immune System

These days some of the hottest topics seem to revolve around Immune Health and how it pertains to current worldly events.  With regard to that, what are you doing to ensure that your family remains safe and healthy during this pandemic crisis? 

We understand that currently there is no cure for covid-19; However, and in spite of that, we believe that your best chances of having and/or creating a stronger immunity function within the body starts with you understanding some of the preemptive measures that are being taken in order to alleviate some of the covid symptoms. 

Let me begin by saying that our Immunity Booster will not prevent you from catching covid-19, nor is it a cure, but recent clinical studies have shown some effective patterns in recent weeks surrounding the following ingredients. 

Please consider the following facts:


  • A study in New Orleans found that 84.6% of ICU patients suffering from Covid-19 had deficient Vitamin D.
  • Another recent study in Indonesia also found that 98.9% of patients that died from Covid-19, were also deficient in Vitamin D.  
  • 70% of the US population is vitamin D insufficient.

All healthcare professionals agree that the administration of Vitamin D will help to prevent respiratory tract infections. Currently, there have been 25 global clinical studies that have confirmed this…There is no debate!  Vitamin D is proving to help prevent respiratory infection of which is a major side effect to Covid-19.  Do your research!! 




Recently, there have been 4 randomized controlled studies involving over 180 people that have illustrated the importance of taking elderberry.  Elderberry has proven to significantly reduce upper respiratory symptoms caused by viral infections because it contains compounds which decrease the ability of viruses to infect and inhabit cells within the body. 

An NIH study recently confirmed that Elderberry is an antiviral agent that is utilized in most mainstream products to combat the flu.    

  • 1 out of 5 supplements sold on Amazon were Elderberry focused. 
  • 80% of all Immune Products sold on Amazon contain Elderberry.




Duration and severity of viruses are reduced with administration of high levels of Vitamin C (1g<)

Viral respiratory infections in humans are affected by Vitamin C levels within the body.

3 controlled human trial studies recently concluded that high levels of Vitamin C significantly reduces incidences of pneumonia.  This suggests that Vitamin C may prevent the susceptibility of respiratory tract infections due to Covid-19.

Chinese Medical Association along with US agencies have recommended higher doses than the DV recommendation for patients who need to drastically improve lung functions.  The sole purpose of taking higher doses of Vitamin C has been to avoid using the ventilation machines.

Currently, New York is administrating 1.5g of Vitamin C intravenously, 3-4x per day, to ICU patients that are suffering from Covid-19.


Fortify Immune Support has: Elderberry 800mgs, Vitamin D 5000IU, and Vitamin C 1000mgs.  Plus 5 other powerhouse immune support ingredients.

Do something to protect you and your family.  Whether you are venturing out, or staying at home, stay safe!  Fortify cares about your health and well-being!