How NOT to be Scared About Getting Sick

How NOT to be Scared About Getting Sick

We are shocked to learn that most people are not taking these items when they have been PROVEN to help prevent sickness and to also expedite the healing process.

They have been proven in multiple studies to be truly effective, while hospitals and health care overall promote these items, and you are not taking them.

It's no secret people are getting sick. But what are you doing to protect yourself from getting sick?

Whether you have taken the 💉 or not, you can add another layer of protection that could potentially save you from the unwanted journey of feeling like crap the next few weeks.

One thing that has been agreed upon by all professionals on both sides, is strengthening your immune system.

Yes we know you know this, but are you taking anything to help your immune system?

Why not?

Because you are healthy, or that you have less than 1% mortality rate?

We hate getting sick, and even though your odds of death are low, the symptoms and journey of dealing with it can be cumbersome.

Here are your top 4 ingredients listed by doctors around the world as being the most effective to combat illness:

Vitamin D at 5,000 iu - This has been proven to be #1 as in 86% of cases have been Vitamin D deficient. You should be taking these by the handfuls.

Vitamin C at 1,000 mgs- Another proven ingredient that hospitals give in mega doses to help combat illness and sickness. This has been tried and true for along time.

Zinc at 15 mgs- A must have when combating this illness, all health care industries will give you Zinc during the onset of symptoms. Must have.

Elderberry at 800 mgs+ : The holy grail in immune support, Elderberry is #1 on the list for strengthen your immune system inside and out.

These 4 ingredients should be taken on a daily basis with the minimum dosages listed above.

Using a full-spectrum immune support like our Advanced Formulation Immune Support is the best way to keep your immune system preforming in top shape and prevent you and your family from getting sick in the future.