Does Cold Weather Effect Your Breathing?

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Does Cold Weather Effect Your Breathing?

Ok peeps, winter is finally here. Maybe some of you miss summer already, but this is the time to layer your clothing, watch football games, and get ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Years.

C’mon, this is the time of the year!

But... the cold air is not something we often enjoy, and it can lead to harsh breathing episodes where we struggle to breath during the winter months.

Is there any science around this? Any how do we work around this?

Well, most people don’t realize that the cold air can be risky for people with respiratory issues such as bronchitis, asthma, or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Studies have shown that the winter air can wreak havoc for people with respiratory issues, and can lead to illness, hospitalization or even long term health problems.

And over 55% of us suffer from some type of respiratory issue.

Even in healthy adults, the cold dry air can irritate your lungs making it difficult to breathe.

So what can we do to protect ourselves from getting ill from the cold weather?

Here are some 5 tips on what to do during the winter months to help your breathing.

Cover your nose and mouth with a scarf

This will help warm the air before you inhale. Game changer here folks.

Dress warmly and keep yourself dry

Ok yes, its captain obvious time, but we had to say it…..keep warm!

Be careful of wood burning fireplaces

The light smoke and fumes can irritate your lungs so this wouldn’t be a good idea necessarily even though it sounds like a good idea.

Stay hydrated

Preferably with warm water, will help pinch the dryness out of the air when you inhale.

Breathe through your nose

Because cold air is very drying, the nose humidifies the air before it gets into your pathways. It does make a huge difference.