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Ok peeps, winter is finally here. Maybe some of you miss summer already, but this is the time to layer your clothing, watch football games, and get ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Years. C’mon, this is the time of the year! But... the cold air is not something we often enjoy, and it can lead to harsh breathing episodes where we struggle to breath during the winter months. Is there any science around this? Any how do we work around this? Well, most people don’t realize that the cold air can be risky for people with respiratory issues...

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We get it. So many distractions, how does anyone get all their work done?

With social media, family, friends and pesky emails like this one flooding your inbox, how do we stay on task?

It's important to build healthy habits to remain productive and consistent.

So let's dive in on the Science Based information that has helped people stay laser focused and discipline.

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You’ve been hearing it for years. When it rains, it pours, and my joints hurt like hell. But is there any real claim? Well we can say with certainty that the rain DOES cause joint pain and there is a reason why... Barometric or atmospheric pressure can influence how your joints feel. This is temperature, humidity, and precipitation can all affect how your joints feel throughout the day. When there is a storm coming, the atmospheric pressure drops. As your body detects this, it causes your soft tissues to be inflamed and your joint fluid expands. The constant contraction and...

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Simple but crucial steps in making sure you don't succumb early to the #1 killer amongst humans in our country... heart disease. Here are some steps you can take to circumvent it:   1. Skipping Preventative Care Men tend to go to the doctor less often than women for annual checkups. That means they're less apt to get important routine tests for cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar which are key to gauging hearth health. If you can't remember your last physical exam, try to get one as soon as possible. And take action.   2. Thinking Erection Problems Are...

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Do you ever wonder how doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers, in general, tend to never get sick? Well, they do whatever it takes to protect and improve this one thing that pays dividends over their lifetime... And that’s the immune system. It's no secret that this is the disease killing machine that keeps your body healthy your whole life. So if you value your health and wellness, priority #1 is keeping your immune system strong and ready to fight! And there’s no time better than now to make sure you’re safe. That's exactly why Immune Support is there just for...

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