Label Warning!

Label Warning!

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your eyes when it comes to Fortify’s Test Booster Formula!


Let us begin by saying that we started this company because we got sick and tired of brands taking advantage of people’s hard earned money.  These brands utilize misleading marketing techniques that ultimately have you spending a whole lot of money with little to no return on your investment.  In our eyes, these brands represent three primary areas of concern:


  • #1.  These marketing claims set false expectations, and often lead to underwhelming results because they simply don’t work!
  • #2.   Let us remind you that all retired baseball Hall of Famers get paid a ton of money to promote these kinds of products.  Don’t get bamboozled!  Are you seriously falling for that BS?!  You’re paying 250% more for a low quality product!  
  • #3.   Have you picked up a test booster and seen this...“Proprietary Blend?” Many of us don’t even really understand what ingredients we are putting into our bodies because we aren’t really even being told!  What are these brands trying to hide?  We might be speculating here, but maybe it's the trace amounts of clinically proven ingredients that get fairy dusted into the formula so that brands can charge more!  Don’t let them take advantage of you!

That’s why we are going to help you UNDERSTAND THY LABEL!


Here is How to Better Understand Your Test Booster Label

  • Do your research!  By researching your ingredients, you will be able to understand if your formula is utilizing legitimate ingredients, and if these ingredients are being delivered in respective amounts.  
  • Ask the Experts!  Taking the time to see what the experts are saying will only help to drive our point home!  
  • And Lastly, Compare Labels!   Allow us to illustrate our point.  Please see example below:

One of these labels is from one of the top selling brands in the US.  Can you guess which one?  

A couple of things to point out on that white label: 

  • There is that “Proprietary Blend” we were just talking about.  Again, we believe that you should know what you are putting into your body.  Transparency is key!
  • Look at the “Other Ingredients.”  This is what they call fillers in the industry.  The more fillers there are, the less likely that you will be receiving ample dosages of premium ingredients.  These premium ingredients will help you produce the results you are looking for, but how would you know if you are getting them in the right amount when they aren’t even listing the amounts?

Knowing all this, which one of these would you prefer?

If you said the black label with the clearly marked ingredients with clinical dosages...then you made the smart choice….


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