Detailing the Diet for Busy Individuals

Detailing the Diet for Busy Individuals

Last week, we discussed some of the ideas behind the “Calorie Back-loading” Diet and laid out the ground rules for the plan.  We will list the ideas here once again for those who may have missed it or need a refresher:

  1. Eat your protein in macros divided by 4 meals per day
  2. Eat your breakfast with all protein, lunch with all protein, and mid afternoon all protein.
  3. All meals prior to your 4th have to be low fat and very low to no carbs.
  4. Your 4th meal is your “BIG” meal. This will be the last of your protein, but your carbs and fats will be in here as well.  

We won’t go over the specifics on why the diet works so well because that was outlined in the email we sent last week.  

As promised, this week we will outline examples of how you can transform your body into a new and leaner body with the diet for busy individuals.

Example 1 for 220lb male:

7am: 50g of Protein Shake

12pm: 8oz of chicken mixed with a Salad of Fat Free Dressing from Walden Farms

4pm: 50g of Protein Shake

7pm: 10oz Top Sirloin Steak, Baked Potato, 2-3 slices of Bread, and a piece of chocolate cake.  And maybe some potato chips.

Is this a Macro based diet?  Yes it is. How so?

You're not eating a lot of calories during the day, which you are saving towards your last meal.  So the potato chips and chocolate cake? Is that even healthy? No it's not, but it's within my daily macros for the day. Let’s explore another example…….


Example 2 for 130lb female:

7am: 30g of Protein Shake

12pm: 4oz of chicken in a salad with Fat Free Dressing or Walden Farms

4pm: 30g of Protein Shake

7pm: 4oz of Turkey with 8oz of White Rice, some dark chocolate, 4oz fruit, and a yogurt.

Not that bad right?  

This is truly a great diet for those who are super busy during the day, have no time to eat, and want to lose or maintain their weight. If you have any questions regarding the diet, please feel free to email us at