Can We Eat All This Candy Without Blowing Our Waistline?

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Can We Eat All This Candy Without Blowing Our Waistline?

Oh it's that time of the year. Trick or Treat, goblins and scary clowns. Believe it or not, 76% of Americans vote Halloween as one of their favorite holidays of the year.

But it's also the beginning of the years 4th quarter and the battle of the bulge begins now, until Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

So how do some people get away with eating all that candy and not blowing out their waistline?

Is it Sorcery or Black Magic?


Well we don’t have the goods on either of those, but we can help you with some sorcery of our own.

Here are some tips to enjoy the Halloween loot without feeling guilty or busting your waistline because you're saving it for Thanksgiving.

1. Its only ONE day! Ok so maybe two for some of us. But really, its only 1-2 days of candy, and that right there will do very little in damaging your body goals if you’re trying to maintain your weight.

It's the equivalent of the same process of thinking eating good for 1-2 days going to make a big impact on your goals. Not true. So enjoy because eating bad for 1-2 days won't kill you like Michael Myers will. Ha, did you see what we did there?

2. For those of you more hardcore and feel guilty about eating any candy, we offer you this. Try going for a 20-30 min walk the day before Halloween and the day of. For those of you you who are more hardcore enthusiasts, go for a HIIT session on the track, on a bike, or on the stair master for 15 min, trying for 30 seconds super hard, and 1.30 min recovery slower pace.

3. Cant resist the extra treats at your Halloween Party? Try drinking a big glass of water before eating anything. Not only is water good for you, but it will help expand and fill up your stomach so you will feel full from all the water you just drank. Yes you will be peeing like a racehorse, but you’ll be less inclined to grabbing some treats.

4. Pick Candy over Chocolates. Candy has roughly the same amount of sugar , but it has less fats. And that means less calories than its chocolate counterparts. This will help keep your calories down. But save the Reese’s Pieces for us.

5. Try picking at the goodies after a large meal. You’ll be less hungry after dinner and still get your fill of some tasty treats right after a larger meal. You'll still feel satisfied without gorging on them while you're hungry.