5 Tips to Save Your Waistline This Holiday Season

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5 Tips to Save Your Waistline This Holiday Season

Well it’s the holidays, and with that comes all the yummy food and drinks.

But what if we don’t want to ring in the New Year with an extra 10 pounds?

Most of us reading this know that inevitably we will be gaining some weight.

So is there a way we win the battle of the bulge during the holidays?

Well the short answer is “yes!”

But it’s going to take some planning.

So we’ve prepared a short term hack so you won’t overindulge during the Thanksgiving holidays.

1. Drink a lot of water, approximately 2-3 glasses of water before eating.

This in itself will curb that appetite big time. You’ll have to pee a lot but that will go away. The extra 10lbs won’t.

2. Eat the protein first.

Try the meats first before you go for the potatoes, bread and stuffing. The proteins first should fill your stomach up so the sides will be more challenging to eat.

3. Drink another glass of water during the meal.

You’ll see the power of water bloat will have on your appetite.

4. Before your meal, take a supplement that will not spike your blood sugar levels.

This will help with the dreaded insulin spike all of us experience when eating a high carb big meal. Doing so will fend off the fat gain that insulin can contribute too.

5. Walk it off.

Before you go eat, get some exercise in. It doesn’t have to be a huge workout or a big ordeal. A brisk walk in the morning is all you need. If you’re feeling extra motivated, try taking a 15-20 min walk after your meal as well.