Feeling Like An Old Man?

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Feeling Like An Old Man?

Do you ever feel like you have to do an inventory on your body parts when you wake up to see what's hurting?

If you’re doing this, well you’re officially OLD.

We get it…….you’re not feeling it anymore. Your joints hurt, your body hurts.

You can’t move the same way you used to without something cracking or popping.

You have low energy, zero motivation.

You’re putting on weight and you're losing your strength and stamina.

You just feel OLD!

But that's acceptable since you are getting old right?

Not necessarily.

There are things you can do to help yourself from feeling so crappy.

Here's a quick list of things you can do to help your body feel young again.


Wait a minute. You don’t have any motivation or energy to do this, so I guess I’ll stop reading right here. Well, hold up for a minute. Yes, getting the energy and motivation to move about is hard when you’re tired. We get it. We are tired just typing this.

But at some point, you have to give a little to take a little right? This is one of those moments. We’re not saying go He-Man on us and workout for 2 hours per day. What we are saying is go for a 10-15 min walk either in the morning, lunch, break time, or before or after dinner. Just get in ONE walk. Not too hard right?

Water bud, yes Water! 

Yes we are all guilty of this. But try downing 16-24 oz of water first thing upon waking. It revitalizes you and it hydrates your body from being in a dehydrated state for 7-8 hours. Instant pick me up. Try doing this again at lunch before you eat and again before dinner. This will also help you cut down the amount of food you eat. Try it…..just try it and you will thank us.


try doing ONE squat at breakfast, lunch and at dinner. Yes…..just one squat. Why? This will help your mobility, stretch those lower body muscles, and create long term habits to move freely and better. It take 3 seconds to do this so why not just do it?

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