3 Ways to Manage Your Time Better

3 Ways to Manage Your Time Better

We get it. You don't have time to do anything these days. We don't have time to workout, catch a movie, talk to an old friend, or spend enough time with our families.

Here are 3 things you can do immediately to help manage your time more effectively:

1. Take an inventory of your time. 

You can either inventory the last 2 hours, the last hour, or every 30 minutes to see how productive you really are. Don't be surprised how much time you spend on social media. It will surprise you the next time you don't have time to spend with your family.

2. Set Time Limits.

Setting up time limits to answer emails, make your phone calls, return messages, or anything for that matter, will limit your "bleed time" you spend on tasks that will drain your day.

3. Make a To-Do List and Prioritize it.

Sure, everything is important and needs to be done now, but list the truly important things that need to be done and tackle them first thing in the day. It's the old MIT rule, Most Important Tasks first.