Short on time? Try This 9-minute Workout!

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Short on time? Try This 9-minute Workout!

As we all know, life can be grueling. With work, kids, relationships, and unfortunately.... life’s overall unpredictable nature - one could only hope to be motivated enough to try and use the remaining time of their day to hit the gym. With there only being 24-hours in a day, where do we find the time to get back into shape?

The next time you decide to jump on social media, consider this - replacing just one session of Instagram or Facebook with this 9-minute program 3-5x per week will have you burning and sweating unlike anything you have seen before.

Just 9-minutes is all it will take for you to lose those stubborn pounds you've been holding onto for way longer than you would care to admit.

Interested in giving it a shot? Then get started right now! It only takes 9-minutes!

9-Minute Workout Routine

10 reps of Air Squats

10 Pushups

10 Lunges in place (5 each leg)

10 Mountain Climbers

Before starting another round, Rest for 60 seconds.

DO NOT rest in-between each exercise!

Only rest once you have completed one-round! Minimizing rest periods will only make you feel that burn!

Continue to repeat this process for 5 total rounds

You think this sounds easy? Then let's put your money where your mouth is, and accept our 9-minute physical challenge.

We promise that we’ll have you sweating in just 3 minutes!

Advanced Tips:

Is the Bench Press more effective with your elbows in or out?

Traditionally, Bodybuilders like to flare out their elbows during presses, putting a ton of stress on the chest, but a lot of undue stress onto your shoulder joints. Powerlifters are conditioned to tuck their elbows in for more power. This technique will help your shoulders relinquish some of that stress by stabilizing them with your lats, but in doing this, you are no longer working out your main target and that is your pecs. Quite the conundrum!

Instead, flare your elbows out to 45 degrees, not exactly tucked in, but not entirely flared out. This will help your shoulders while placing tension on your chest. For the best results, do this with all types of chest presses.

Another tip to help save your shoulders is not going all the way down to the chest with the bar. Attempt to stop an inch or even two inches before you touch your chest! Old traditionalists will argue that you aren't getting a full range of motion, and although they are correct in their assessment, they are missing the valuable point of working out your pecs without destroying your shoulders. Remember, it's all about sustainability! Saving your joints will be the only way for you to progress without experiencing injuries.