How to NOT Put On the Pounds During 4th of July

How to NOT Put On the Pounds During 4th of July

It's our Independence Day and the last thing we want to think of is our calorie intake or if we are going to put weight on.

But to some of us -  we do care and we do want to tread lightly, but we don’t want to take away the fun of going to BBQ’s, parties and outings.

So what are we suppose to do?

Well let us give you some tips on how to enjoy your holiday weekend without being over critical about things.

Tip #1 - Stay hydrated

Have a glass of water between every single alcoholic beverage you consume.  
Not only will this help you with the weight gain, but it will also help you with the next morning hang over.
Alcohol dehydrates you tremendously. Having the glass of water in between drinks will help circumvent this and will also help you to eat and drink less. Win win.

Tip #2 Try exercising at the start of your day

It could be a 30 min brisk walk, a 20 min jog, or for you hard core enthusiasts, try a 10 min HIIT session.  
For a good quick HIIT workout, try this workout here.

Tip #3 Volunteer a healthier dish to bring to the party 

Something like lean proteins, grilled veggies, or some salad.  

Tip #4 Eat the healthier foods first

Fill up on the veggies, salad and lean proteins before indulging in the chips, cracker and bread.

Tip #5 Drink a lot of water

To piggy back on Tip #1, drinking a full glass of water before you start eating will fill up your stomach and will hit your brain sensors that you are full.  

It absolutely works if you haven’t tried it yet. Try drinking 2 glass of water before a big meal and see how much you can eat. It's a great dieting trick.