How to Avoid Getting a Cold/Flu and What You Need to Know…

How to Avoid Getting a Cold/Flu and What You Need to Know…

Annoying colds and flus are back with a vengeance.

Stuffy noses✅
Deep Throttling Cough✅
Sore Throat ✅

We were doing pretty good there for awhile, right? I mean, we only had to worry about ONE really bad virus, but now all the other germs and viruses have come out and play. They may not be deadly, but they are soooooo annoying, and they can ruin anyone’s mood.

So what can we do to help ourselves from not getting sick?

Well, isn’t there a simple answer? Since we’ve been hammered into this type of thinking where we wash, disinfect, and don’t touch our face, we will list the non obvious ways of staying sick free.

1. Sleep

Studies have shown that there is a clear link of inadequate sleep and immune system suppression. Try to go for at least 7-8 hours per night and more if you could. If you can't get all of it during the night, power naps throughout the day have shown to help tremendously.

2. Eat a Healthy Diet:

This diet thing keeps popping up. Everything from maintaining a healthy body, to keeping colds and flu at bay, a healthy diet is so so good in so many ways.

3. Avoid Stress:

We feel this is almost impossible to avoid, but there is a reason why college kids during finals week get sick on this week more than any other weeks. Find ways to reduce stress like going for a walk, run, or workout.

4. Take your Immune Strengthening Vitamins:

Ok, well this is an obvious one but we do have to preach this since there are plenty of clinical studies that support Vitamin C, D, as well as Zinc that have helped in Immune Support strengthening. And over 50% of the population do NOT take these wonder minerals and vitamins. Which is why we are regurgitating the information again. Take these wonder ingredients…..they really work.