BIG TIPs for Gym-Goers to Avoid Getting Sick

BIG TIPs for Gym-Goers to Avoid Getting Sick

This article could be one of the most useful articles you've ever read. Especialy for gym goers, who frequent the gym with a good amount of discipline to get in better shape.

But what about your health and not getting sick?

You wash your hands before you leave the gym right?

We all know by now, that the gym is one of the dirtiest places we can go. There have been studies that a gym mat or dumbbell handles have more germs and bacteria than your toilet.

But when you're in the gym, you look at your phone, adjust your headphones, take a swig out of your water bottle, etc... but you don't wash or disinfect any of those.

So after you wash your hands, you pick up the dirty cell phone you've been touching in the gym this whole time, reinfecting your hands you just washed with the same germs you were trying to get rid of 🤯

Then, you pick up the same dirty water bottle you've been sipping out of reinfecting your hands even more......after you've washed them.

So you get the ah-ha moment right about now!

What you can do so you don't get sick from the gym is critical for you and your family. We know you are healthy and strong, but getting sick really sucks for most of us.



Here are some tips we use to circumvent that issue so you can leave the gym clean and healthy:

  1. Bring Clorox wipes or any other type of disinfectant wipes with you to the gym. They can be in your gym bag or out in the car.

  2. Grab your water bottle from the top during your gym session. Then once you've washed your hands, grab your water bottle from the bottom before you disinfect them with wipes. That way you avoid the bacteria on the top of the water bottle you've been touching during your gym session.

  3. Disinfect your phone, headphones, and water bottle immediately after you wash your hands.

If you don't do these things, why even bother washing your hands?

For real... just be a dirt bag and leave the gym with all that bacteria on your hands to touch everything else where you live and sleep.

Pretty sure most of us would wash our hands if we had to touch the inside of a dirty toilet, but hey, some of us wouldn't, and thats fine (no it's not 🤮), but for the rest of us, let's try and be better about being sanitary.

These tips were given way before our pandemic hit, and it's sad that we have to be told to be clean during a time like this.

We should have always been clean to begin with....right?