Are You Up For a Thanksgiving Challenge?

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Are You Up For a Thanksgiving Challenge?

Tired of the same weight workouts? Cardio workouts?

You’ve done 5x5, super sets, drop sets, high volume, LISS cardio, HIIT cardio, etc…

There’s really nothing out there that you haven’t done.

But what if there is?

Let's combine some things together to really push the envelope.

This is called the Thanksgiving Challenge because we want you to do this ON Thanksgiving, preferably in the morning to burn those extra calories off before you gorge on your favorite dishes.

So what's the workout?

Well this will test your limits more than 90% of the workouts you’ve done. Not sure you can get through this gauntlet of torture, but let's see if you can try.

Make sure you are warm. Do a 10-15 min warm up on an air bike, elliptical, something where your upper body and lower body are both getting a workout.

Air Bike or Elliptical

1. Go hard for 15 seconds, on a level that is hard to push through but a speed in which you are moving pretty fast.
2. Rest for 45 seconds.

Do 5 rounds then move over to….

Deadmill Sprints on a treadmill.

1. Sprint for 10 seconds
2. Rest for 50 seconds

Do 5 rounds then move over to….

Kettlebell Swings

1. Perform 15 swings
2. Rest until the next minute is reached

Do 5 rounds and you are FINISHED!!!

15 minutes of Hell. Doesn’t sound like much right? I mean you can be social media for 15 minutes and it seemed like it was only 2 minutes.

Give this a try before you feast on Thanksgiving and tell us about it at